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Aashawandi Guru to dhar aai, tum bin thaur na kai Ram
Tum hari data tum har mata, meri aasha pujaein Ram
Paai Palau main pere pyadi, aayas heta manjhaein Ram
Tan man dhan ardas kare main, mangat naam sanehi Ram
Naam tumhara sabun kar main, dhosan pap sabhei Ram
Kahe Teoon Guru loka teen mein, aavagaman mitaein Ram

I have come to your abode, Guru, with an eager hope in my heart. I have no shelter except
yours, Oh Ram. Oh Hari, you are my benefactor, and my mother. Grant my request, Oh Ram.
I have walked barefooted with humble heart to your sanctuary to beg for your benediction, Oh
Ram. I surrender my body, mind, and wealth unto you and ask for your loving "naam", Oh
Ram. With the soap of your divine "naam", I will cleanse away all my sins, Oh Ram
Says Swami Teun Ram, Oh Guru, please wipe out my anguish caused by repeated birth and
death inside the three worlds, Oh Ram.

Palav je paaeen, data tuhinjen dare te
Daata dara aayan ja, arza aghaeen
Miraee tini je tana mana jaa, dukhiraa mitaaen
Aasoo aghaeen, asoon aasa vandan joon

O compassionate one, today I beg for your benediction at your door. O benevolent one, do
accept the request of those who have come to solicit at your door. Please wipe out distress of
their body and mind.
Says Swami Asoo Ram, please grant the wishes of those with an expectant heart.


Jo jana Aaa Guru sharan mein, baith kare ardas
Kahe Teoon tis daas ki, pooran kariye aas
Dookh sarva hi door ho, lage na yama ki tras
Karaja hovan ras, sanshaya koi na rahe

The persons who have surrendered at the feet of the Guru, and solicited His shelter, Swami
Teoonram asks the Lord to:
Grant their wishes, send away all their distresses, let them not be subjected to the torment of
Yama, ensure achievement of their goals, and remove all doubts from their heart.


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